HomePointe exists to help you become intentional about building a
God honoring home
one step at a time.

A Simple Process…We encourage families to follow three steps
every 120 days:

STEP 1: Assess your level of intentionality over the past 120 days
(We will do this in the worship service 3 times a year) ::

STEP 2: Identify your specific family seasons. (Use the Pointers
section below)

STEP 3: Create a faith@home plan for the next 120 days ::
Download a Plan
Pointers provide a biblical perspective on common family seasons and challenges along with recommended going further resources.

Intentional Marriage Intentional Parenting

Faith@Home Recipe Cards are designed to give couples and families one  idea they can implement during a particular week to become more intentional in their marriage or as parents at home.

Recipe Cards

Podcasts & Videos include presentations from national speakers focused
on either strong marriages or families. Each has a companion “recipe card” which can be used for a date night or a family fun night.